Witch's Rune

Darksome night and shining moon,
Hearken to the witches  rune.

East then South, West then North,
Hear! Cone! I call thee  forth!  
By all the powers of   land and sea,  
Be  obedient unto me.

Wand and Pentacle & sword,
Hearken ye unto my  word.

Cords and Censer,  Scourge and Knife
Waken all ye into life.
Powers of the witch's   blade,
Come ye as the charge is  made,

By all the powers of  land  and sea,
As I do say, "So Mote It  Be"
By all the might of moon  and sun,  
As I do will, it shall be  done
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Greetings & Welcome..
Zoella Wickens Mystical Essentials is
A Wickedly Delicious Market of Mystical Essentials
is a unique shop of exclusive and unique items for the modern ,  
traditional, green Witch, those who enjoy the unique,
the different,  the  Macabre, or just
something "NOT" so ordinarily simple.
We are Wiccan
We believe that everything is connected  
and we honor The Goddess and Gods,
all the Earth, Universe and the
Divine, as well  as each other.  
We are Witch and believe Magick
touches Everything and  Anything
is possible!
We are resourceful Witches,
if  you need or require something you don't  see,
call or email us we will find  it   for you.  
Many items 100% Witch made and or consecrated,
blessed  or protected by Authentic Spells & Rituals.
Our goal, to cater to Our Mystical Family,
like minded Sisters & Brothers.

Our journey is a Extraordinary  one
Our path simply  clear,
Be one  with All,
Goddess, Gods, Universe,
The Earth, the Elements,
Spirit,  Deity & Divine
Please  join us,  
Blessed Be
We offer you,   
Beautiful blends of oils, Salts for your, body, your mind and your spirit.
All Ritual items you  require to develop you energies and spirit.
High Quality Magickal and healing gemstones.

Books to learn and to advance your skills
Unique and fine gift items for your home                      
Beautiful things for you..
We have items you can find elsewhere  
but we have things, you can't find anywhere
so please sit  back, relax and browse..
We Welcome You, Travel around and make your self at home...
Today's   Blog * Zoella say's
"Be kind and Considerate of
Mother Earth

Todays blog is about  Being
Thoughtful of Mother Earth....
She give us so much and how
often do we really think about
this? Appreciate all she

If Everyone of us did one
thing a day to preserve our
life and improve our Planet ..
how much better it would
/could be! How much longer
Mother would be able to
sustain us.  Everyday our
Oceans and Seas are more
polluted, our Amazing Earth
becomes decayed with all the
pollution and trash.. Our fruits
and vegetables don't grow the
same, all the chemicals they
put into EVERTHING is killing
us, Killing our Earth! Just one
thing everyday to preserve
Our Beautiful Earth for future
Generations, Please....... For
her, For us..

Life is short! no matter how
long your here, its never long
enough so live it unafraid..
What will be will be and you
can't go through life worrying
everyday of "what could be"  
Love yourself, Love your
family, friends and Live!
Zoella Wickens
Mystical Essentials
Spells are
simply wishes
with attitude!
"When you live your life spiritually
and try to always think positively,
the possibilities are endless."

Do as ye will, but harm none.....x 3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3 x3
You do not have to be Pagan,
Wicca, Witch or anything to
enjoy this Market.. We have
Wonderous things to BeHold!